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The Neurodiversity Edge introduces a transformative framework for addressing the most important human resources opportunity of the 21st century.

From renowned Oxford-trained cognitive scientist, neurodiversity expert, and neurodivergent business leader, Dr. Maureen Dunne, this trailblazing guide presents a groundbreaking new approach for bridging the staggering divide between organizations starved for motivated workers and the enormous untapped talent pool defined by cognitive differences―the 15-20% of the global population comprised of the autistic, ADHDers, the dyslexic, synesthetes, the dyspraxic, and others with neurological differences.


Attempts to implement neuroinclusion at scale have overwhelmingly failed at the hands of overgeneralized “check the box” strategies that dive no deeper than superficial accommodation. Dr. Dunne exposes this fundamental misunderstanding of the problem and why outcomes range from uninspiring to disastrous for organizations while still failing to serve the legions of underemployed neurodivergent jobseekers with dignity, economic opportunity, and authentic inclusion.

The Neurodiversity Edge challenges this flawed paradigm and unveils a revolutionary new framework. The result is a bold vision that reframes the problem and charts a new values-driven approach leveraging universal design principles centered on cognitive diversity as an essential driver of innovation, groupthink immunity, team performance, motivation, and loyalty.

Weaving practical strategies with vivid real-world examples, Dr. Dunne leverages more than two decades of immersive cognitive science research, case studies, stories from neurodivergent voices, in-the-trenches work with hundreds of organizations from start-ups to global Fortune 500 titans, and her own lived experience as a neurodivergent employer, entrepreneur, board member, and CEO.

Drawing on psychology, economics, business management, philosophy, and organizational behavior, The Neurodiversity Edge offers a practical roadmap to building an organizational culture fundamentally aligned with authentic neuroinclusion rooted in a clear and compelling case that cognitive diversity―and lateral nonlinear traits―will become an unambiguous source of competitive edge as organizations navigate the coming age of technological transformation ahead.

This book will earn its place on the bookshelves of executives, organizational leaders, board directors, human resource professionals, recruiters, managers, educators, allies, and anyone with an interest in better understanding neurodiversity, authentic neuroinclusion, the human mind, and the role neuroinclusion stands to play in the age of artificial intelligence.



“Skillfully written and expertly explained, yet practical every step of the way. A must for businesses, healthcare workers, recruiters, and anyone seeking a truly fresh perspective on cognitive diversity and the singular value proposition of authentic neuroinclusion.”
―Denise Brodey, Senior Contributor, Forbes

“This is the right book at precisely the right time.”
―Therese Fitzpatrick, PhD, Senior Vice President, Kaufman Hall

“Maureen Dunne dismantles the stereotypes that surround neurodivergent people and makes a powerful business case for true inclusion.”
― Caroline Grossman, Executive Director, Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

“An epiphany. It will open your eyes to the most underappreciated human resources opportunity of our time. A tour de force bursting with wit, humor, and rare insight while establishing a coherent framework of actionable strategies.”
―Christopher Kennedy, PhD, Senior Economist, U.S. Department of State

“An original and inspiring game-changer for neurodiversity employment today. It is a book that speaks both to members of the neurodiverse community and to employers who will hire them.”
―Michael Bernick, Former Director, California State Labor Department

“An absolute must-read for leaders looking to future-proof their organizations for the coming paradigm.”
―Gustaf Nordbäck, Former CEO, Financial Times and IE Business School Joint Venture

“The Neurodiversity Edge collects Dr. Dunne’s over 20 years of research, case studies and interviews to provide a guide for embracing neurological differences.”
―Inside Higher Ed


  • The importance of a values-driven approach for authentic inclusion where everyone can thrive,

  • What “neurodiversification” is and how it can drive innovation,

  • Why Google’s Project Aristotle found that Innovation and Performance hinge on Psychological Safety,

  • How to identify and eliminate destructive unconscious cognitive biases,

  • The “Three C’s” and how to improve the interview process to avoid missing game-changing talent,

  • A new approach to flexible work protocols and supportive tools that align with universal design principles,

  • Deeper insights into the science of cognitive diversity, including lateral thinking, creative insight, and hyperfocus, along with a graphic tour through the wonders of the human mind,

  • How to build a universal empathy network where the broadest possible range of cognitive diversity is celebrated as an asset.

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Maureen Dunne is a cognitive scientist, neurodiversity expert, global keynote speaker, board director, and business leader with over two decades of experience helping organizations build thriving cultures. She has served as a Senior Advisor to some of the world's top corporate brands, Fortune 500 companies, universities, venture capital funds, and government officials, including the LEGO Foundation, Cornell University, and Members of Congress. She also recently co-created the executive education program for business leaders on "Future-Ready Leadership" at the Harvard Kennedy School. 

A member of the neurodiversity community, she is a frequent media commentator and contributor on neurodiversity and the future of work. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, MIT Sloan Management Review, Chicago Tribune, DiversityQ, Salon, New York Times, People Management magazine, USA Today, Inside Higher Ed, Unleash and Newsweek. A keynote speaker at Stanford University and the National Science Foundation, she was also a featured speaker at The Atlantic Festival where Neurodiversity was included as part of its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion theme for the first time in history. 

A successful entrepreneur and business leader, Maureen is CEO of and a member of the Young Presidents' Organization, an invite-only organization for the world's top chief executives. At LEGO, Maureen helped launch a Social Impact Accelerator Fund to support innovation and entrepreneurship in neurodiversity. 

The first community college graduate to be named a Rhodes Scholar, she is also an elected official helping to build the talent pipeline with community colleges, representing over 12 million students at the national level. 

She received a joint BA/MA from the University of Chicago, MSc from the London School of Economics, and doctorate from the University of Oxford. She lives in Chicago with her husband and three children. 

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